1. RAW BLUE POINT OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL (1/2 dozen) served on ice and cocktail sauce

SPICY TUNA TARTARE diced raw tuna mixed in spicy sauce julienned fresh cucumber, minced avocado, cilantro, and topped with Tobiko

4. TUNA TARTARE diced raw tuna mixed with ginger sauce resting over avocado and topped with quail yolk egg

5. SALMON TARTARE diced raw salmon, massago, hot sesame Japanese mayonnaise, red caviar

6.SEASMAE TUNA coated with sesame seeds and quickly seared served rare in ginger sauce

7.STEAK TARTARE finely chopped raw beef tenderloin, mixed with onions, capers, garlic, seasonings, white wine sauce, and a little bit of mayonnaise topped with raw quail egg yolk, and grilled bread

8.BEEF CARPACCIO a dish of raw beef tenderloin, sliced thinly wrapped asparagus, arugula, topped with shaved parmesan cheese, and moistened with spiced sauce

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*On Weekends when Music & Show Party of 10 and more can NOT order Al la Carte*